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Legislative Education Project

The Governor´s Council on Disability sponsors the Legislative Education Project (LEP) during the legislative session.

The purpose of the LEP is to educate and motivate individuals by providing opportunities to become more active in creating positive public policies for people with disabilities.

The LEP is available for individuals/organizations that are a novice to the legislative process or need additional learning about the Missouri legislative process regarding disability policies or proposed legislation that impact people with disabilities.

In 2023 the LEP will consist of five webinars. Each one will discuss the legislative process, communicating with legislators, and current state bills related to disability. They will be offered on the following dates:

  • Thursday, March 16, 2023 10:00 AM
  • Thursday, March 16, 2023 7:00 PM

These will be provided at no cost to participants. WebEx software will be used to conduct each webinar.

Please register for any of the webinars using the LEP Registration form.

If accommodations are needed, please register at least two weeks prior to the webinar date so accommodations can be arranged in a timely matter.

The LEP also provides the three learning modules and three videos posted below. Each learning module and video is designed to easily help you understand Missouri legislative topics. You may select the ones that you want to listen to or watch at your convenience.

After viewing, please click here to complete a short evaluation. Thank you.

Download "Tips for meeting with your legislators" to get ready for a visit with your elected officials:

The learning modules are:  

Navigating the House and Senate websites

Your Elected Officials and General Assembly

Understanding How a Bill Becomes a Law

Attending House and Senate Hearings and Providing Testimony: The video educates on how one prepares for a testimony and describes how a hearing is conducted.

Voiceover Version

Building an Effective Relationship with Your Legislators: Provides communication tips with your state representatives or state senators.

Voiceover Version

Accessible Voting: Educates individuals with disabilities about their voting rights. There is a demonstration of the accessible voting.machine that allows a person with a visual impairment to vote.

Voiceover Version

For questions or comments, please contact the Governor’s Council on Disability at or 573-751-2600.